Thank you for purchasing an NCSOFT NCoin card! NCoin allows you to make purchases in many of our AAA games, but first you need to redeem your card. Select cards will also receive a special bonus item for your chosen game as a thank you for being an NCoin card purchaser.

Here’s how it works
1.If you have an NCoin Card to redeem, log in to your account and select Apply a Code.
2.Once your code has been entered, click the Activate button.
3.You will now see a code available in your NCoin tab. Click Apply!
4.If your card is eligible for a bonus item, you will now be asked to select it. To see the options available to you, you may browse the rewards section below.

Bonus Items

The following bonus items are available when redeeming select NCoin cards. If you are eligible for a bonus item, you will be asked to choose it after applying your NCoin to your account.

Bonus Items for Lineage II are only available on NCSOFT game accounts and servers located in North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.